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The table is fixed and does not open.
Console covers have stopper system
Accessory products are not included in the price
Extremely durable, robust and long lasting
Internal and external structure of the product is completely wooden material.
Cream visible parts can be produced in black and gray color
Chairs are sent in one-piece skeleton structure
Chairs are covered with fabric, easy to wipe
Cream surfaces are matte lacquer paint, walnut surfaces are wood veneer.
The TV stand and the whole coffee table group are not included in the price, they are optional.
The highest quality furniture materials are used in the production of the model.
All metal materials used are rustproof and non-tarnishing.
All parts not included can be added from the part options area
The product content consists of 1 table, console and mirror, 6 chairs
Parts included in the kit are indicated at the top in the product description field.
The model is one of the special designs of our high-end exclusive product collection.
It is disassembled, the product is very easy to install, it is protected and well packaged.
There is an artificial fireplace on the TV stand, the TV stand is not included in the set price.
You can add modules that are not included to the basket by selecting them from the part options field.
TV unit and coffee table produced specially for the model can be ordered optionally.

Camila Dining Room

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