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The set is including a;

One 4-Seater

1 3-Seater

1 Arcmhair

1 Coffee Table

1 Side Table

Product feet are metal material
Soft wipeable soft textured fabric
The product has a choice of fabrics in different colors.
It should never be cleaned with products containing chemicals.
The product is fixed, there is no bed and chest feature
You can use cleaners that do not have abrasive and color-bleaching properties.
All of the materials used in the product comply with European E1 standards.
It can be dusted with a vacuum cleaner, wiped with a damp and white soapy cloth.
You can wipe it with a soft cloth or sponge, and clean it with carpet washing machines.
The durability of the hornbeam wood used in the skeleton of the product has been increased by firing.
At the same time, you can perform cleaning with the help of steam machines.

Luna Living Room

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