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Interior and exterior structure is painted over mdf material
The front surfaces of the product should work with cnc patterned paint.
Extremely high quality and suitable for many years of use
The metal materials used in the product are stainless.
The product is top quality furniture guaranteed and production certified.
Chair interior is beech wood, quality fabric upholstery
The upper surfaces of the product are marble pattern, the material is not marble.
Product feet that act as carriers are made of copper-colored metal material.
The model's table can be opened from the middle and is supported by metal material.
It is disassembled, the product is very easy to install, it is protected and well packaged.
You can examine the optional parts in detail from the product dimensions area.
The chairs are in one piece skeleton structure and are sent ready for use.
Modules such as TV unit, middle, nesting table are optional, can be ordered additionally.

Roza Dining Room

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